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Please find below links to our latest software downloads. Some of these are available as self-extracting zip archives. Before proceeding, please make sure to read the attached readme-files.

TSwin .net Size Release date

Service Pack 3 for TSwin .net, version 4.40
History for TSwin .net, version 4.40

53 MB 18.10.2012

Service Pack 3 für TSwin .net, version 4.30
History for TSwin .net, version 4.30

46 MB 12.08.2010

Service Pack 2 für TSwin .net, version 4.20
History for TSwin .net, version 4.20

24 MB 11.07.2008

Service Pack 4 für TSwin .net, version 4.10
(includes Service Pack 1, 2 + 3)

82 MB 19.09.2007

Device data base (GSD) file
Version: 2.1

3 KB 10.04.2000
Visu+ Size

Sample application

13 MB
Movicon Größe

Sütron Movicon add-on demo version 11.3

819 MB

Demo project

110 MB
Quick Start Web Panel with Micro Browser Size


805 KB


506 KB

Eplan Size Release date
Eplan product macros, version: 1.0 (zip archive) 223 MB 20.07.2004
Eplan product macros, version 1.0 (PDF file) 912 KB 28.04.2004
Following prior consultation, you can start Netviewer below
Größe Release date
Netviewer Version 2.1 294 KB 23.02.2005
CoDeSys V2 Size

Target Support Package for M Line (XScale hardware), (zip archive)
Version 2.1
Gültig für: TP057x-10, TP104x-10, TP121x-10, TP151x-10

1,12 MB

Target Support Package for M Line (PXA320 hardware), (zip archive) 
Version 2.0
Valid for: TPxxxXiT

 1,2 MB

Target Support Package for S Line (EP9307 hardware), (zip archive) 
Version 2.0
Valid for: TPxxxAM, TPxxxAS, TPxxxAT

 260 KB